High Purity Magnesite Clinker

High Purity Magnesite Clinker

high purity magnesia

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Product Name High Purity Magnesite Clinker
Physical and Chemical Properties

MgO: 97.7%min

SiO2: 0.5%max

CaO: 1.2%max

Fe2O3: 0.5%max

LGI: 0.3%max

BD (g/cm3): 3.3min

Size 0-30mm
Description This magnesia is sintered in ultra-high temperature oil shaft kiln with selected high grade light calcining magnesite which is then fine ground and dry pressing into balls as feed. The content of MgO is over 97% with low impurity. The structure of the square magnesium crystals is dense and compact. It is the most ideal material for producing top-grade basic refractory bricks and monolithic refractories.


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